Morgan Rowlands

Morgan Rowlands

Yesterday I was ordinary—not too pretty, not too plain. Yesterday I had a normal family, with parents and a sister; I had normal friends of various states of coolness, hotness, and everything in between; I lived in a normal town. But today Cal Blaire arrived in Widow’s Vale. And now nothing will be the same. Yesterday my life was ordinary. Today everything about my life—my family, my friends, me–has changed. My name is Morgan Rowlands. Today I discovered that I’m a witch.


Cal Blaire

We’ve moved again—I’ve lost count of how many times. Now we’ve come to Widow’s Vale. Someone here intrigues me—I sense power from her, power she doesn’t know she has. I want to get closer to her, want to show her what she’s capable of. I have to get close to her—but will my love destroy her? Oh, Goddess, help me.


Hunter Niall

For too long Cal Blaire and his mother Selene have gone unchecked. It’s my job to discover what they’re up to, and I’ve come from Ireland to do it. I didn’t realize I would meet my soul mate in Widow’s Vale. I didn’t realize her magick would be so beautiful that it would change my world. I didn’t realize that the person I wanted most would be in love with my worst enemy—my brother.