1) Are you Wiccan?

No. My husband and I have started going to a Unitarian Universalist church, but in general I sort of do a little bit of everything. Just about every organized religion has aspects that appeal to me, and aspects that don’t appeal to me as much.

2) Are you gay?

I get asked this because I always have a variety of characters in my books. Although my books have fantastical or paranormal elements, they’re also based in reality. And in reality, society is made up of a variety of people, all colors, all religions, all sexual orientations, etc. So I put ‘em all in. I have a husband, though.

3) Have you written other books?

Besides the Sweep and Balefire series, and the upcoming Immortal Beloved trilogy, I’ve written other books under different names. I still do ghostwriting for people, and have also done collaborations. I have to say, though, these are my favorite projects to work on.

4) I’ve written something just like Sweep, or a continuation of Sweep, or my own book. Can I send it to you and you’ll critique it?

I’m really sorry, but I can’t. Partly because I just don’t have time, and partly for copyright issues. I’m influenced by everything I see, hear, taste, stand next to, read about, etc., and I don’t want to be sued because I was inadvertently influenced by someone else’s work.

5) Will you please, please, please write more Sweep?

I will always love Sweep. But I’m working on other things right now, and also it’s not really my decision. The publisher and Alloy would have to want more books too.

6) Are your characters based on real people?

No, not really. Every once in a while, a character will have a trait that I got from someone in real life, but I don’t use real names, and I never base whole characters totally on a real person. As tempting as that would be.

7) Do the characters in Sweep, Balefire, and Immortal Beloved all exist in the same universe?

Yes and no. Yes in that they each exist in a world that has magickal possibilities, and the characters develop those possibilities in similar ways. No in that they’re not going to run into each other at the grocery store—their worlds don’t intersect that way.

8) Do you ever speak at schools or bookstores?

I guess this is where I should mention the shyness and agoraphobia. It’s hard for me to speak in front of a room full of strangers, but I have done it a couple times.

9) Can I write a screenplay for Sweep and make a film of it?

Yes, as long as it’s just for you and your friends. It can’t be shown publicly or be for commercial puposes. Otherwise it’s a copyright violation. Those pesky copyrights!

10) Will they EVER make a movie or TV series about Sweep or Balefire?

I believe a production company is interested in making a movie about Sweep. We’ll see what happens!

11) The guy (or girl) on the cover of (fill in the blank) is so hot! What’s his (or her) name? Can I meet him (or her)? Can you at least give him (or her) my info?

I’m really sorry, but no. The people on the covers are professional models, and were chosen by the publisher’s art director. I have no way of knowing their names or anything about them. Glad you like the picture, though!